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UWE HÄßLER . The late work

Galerie Altes Rathaus
Worpswede, GER
8.6 - 14.7.2024

UWE HÄßLER . The late work / Das späte Werk

No artist has ever lived and worked in Worpswede for as long as Uwe Häßler, who – with interruptions – has been part of the core of the third and now fourth generation of artists here since 1961.

Born in Altenburg in Thuringia in 1938, he moved to the West with his family in 1952, completed an apprenticeship as a businessman in Bielefeld and learnt to draw in evening classes. After studying sculpture and painting in Münster, he joined Radio Bremen as a stage designer in 1959 and found his way to Worpswede, where he settled in 1961.

His work reflected contemporary developments in the visual arts, orientating itself early on towards surrealism and showing visionary landscapes animated by amorphous bodies in a tramp-like manner. At the end of the 1970s, he moved towards abstraction, dissolving trivial everyday objects into large-format, colour-intensive spectacles and also began to work as a sculptor.

In the 1990s, Häßler switched from abstraction to the figurative, staging images of people in the condensation of grey and serious faces. It is only in his late work, which is currently being created, that he returns to abstraction completely, in series of purely coloured surface patterns which, in their formal precision and colourful harmonies, appear like variations on a grand symphonic theme.

The exhibition illustrates excerpts from Uwe Häßler’s development over the last few decades, but it also presents a rich and masterful late oeuvre that is unrivalled in Worpswede, especially in his most recent paintings and sculptures.