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Meet the Funen Painters, Denmark

The Faaborg Museum - an architectural juwel

A complete art experience since 1915

Faaborg Museum is a Gesamtkunstwerk featuring painting, sculpture, architecture, and furniture design – and the overall interactive result is extraordinary. The stunning building boasts magnificent mosaic floors, impressive walls in striking colours, columns, and a multitude of corridors and rooms. Altogether a complete experience sure to kindle your fascination. This goes for the history of the museum, too, which is anything but ordinary.

Mads Rasmussen, a local manufacturer of tinned foods, had lost his heart to art, and he became a key figure for the Funen Painters. Faaborg Museum was a joint project and as a patron of the arts, Rasmussen financed the acquisition of the works by the Funen artists. This kind of close collaborative relationship between the artists and the museum was quite unique – and the numerous artists helped hanging the pictures for the opening exhibition to celebrate the inauguration of the new building in 1915.

The Funen painters are inseparable from Faaborg Museum. The painters Johannes Larsen, Alhed Larsen, Peter Hansen, Fritz Syberg, Anna Syberg, and many more helped create the collection that now constitutes the permanent exhibition at the museum.

Special exhibitions are staged regularly highlighting older art, contemporary art, design, etc.

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