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artist residencies

New artist residency in Schwalenberg


Applications for the Schwalenberg Scholarship 2024 (1 May-31 October 2024) for visual artists are open from now until 15 February 2024!


Schwalenberg, Germany

Scope of support

Residency grant for 6 months, studio, flat, exhibition

Who can apply?

German and international visual artists whose degree is no longer than 7 years old.

Künstlerhäuser Worpswede



Self-financed projects

For professional artists it is possible to work in the studios on short notice for independent projects, as long as there is a vacancy. For this, a short email with request and website or portfolio (not larger than 2MB) to is sufficient.
Cost allowance is 25 € per night plus 30 € final cleaning, extra visitors 12,50€ per night.


Scholarships are announced each spring.
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-> Email to:

Haus Lukas Ahrenshoop



Please look on the website for more details.




Ruckteschell Villa, Dachau



Since 2011, the city of Dachau has been offering a scholarship for young artists and musicians. Two flats in the city’s Ruckteschell Villa are made available for this purpose. The scholarship is intended to give young eligible artists the opportuinity to work on
their artistic development during their stay in the artists’ town. The scholarship will be awarded on a case-by-case basis for 6, respectively 12 months, to particularly eligible young artists.
Self applications are not possible. Eligible candidates are to be remommended either
by the city council, by registered Dachau art- or music-associations or by euroart.
Artists who reside in, or were ever residents of, the district of Dachau are excluded
from the program. The stipendiaries’ age should not exceed 35 years.
The city of Dachau reserves the right to deviate from this modus in individiual cases


More information on the scholarship can be found on the website:


Detailed information in English:
> Dachau Artist And Musician Residency (PDF-file, 15,53 KB)






With the Willingshausen scholarship, two students or young graduates of art colleges and academies have been coming to the former artists’ colony every year since 1996. They are invited to bring the idea of the artists’ colony into the present and to engage with this special place and the rural region of the Schwalm from a contemporary perspective. For a period of three months each (February to April or September to November), the young artists live on site in the listed shepherd’s house and work in the studio rooms of the Gerhardt-von-Reutern-Haus. They conclude their stay with an exhibition at the Willingshausen Art Gallery and a catalogue.

Champion (close to Namur)


The residency offers a privileged framework for the creation of emerging artists, in connection with the context of the place and the territory.

Duration of the residency: to be defined with the artist according to the project.
Number of residents who can be hosted at the same time: 1
Assistance provided to the artist: Modular according to the project.
Provision of premises/equipment/documents: studio and exhibition space
Provision of accommodation: yes
Financial contribution: no
Consideration requested from the artist: none
Selection procedure: On unsolicited application, invitation or call for applications.

2 rue Simon Martin, 5020 Champion

Grez-sur-Loing Foundation / Hôtel Chevillon


The Foundation does not provide any grants itself. It rents out flats and studios to academies, other foundations and institutions that in turn award grants for residencies at the Hôtel Chevillon. On our website you find a list of organizations currently affiliated with the Foundation. The funding organizations’ target groups represent a wide spectrum of artistic and scientific disciplines, which makes the Hôtel Chevillon an exciting and stimulating place in which to work.
An application for a self-funded stay at Hôtel Chevillon is also possible.