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Meet the Funen Painters, Denmark

The Faaborg Museum - an architectural jewel

A complete art experience since 1915

Faaborg Museum is a Gesamtkunstwerk featuring painting, sculpture, architecture, and furniture design – and the overall result is extraordinary. The stunning building boasts magnificent mosaic floors, impressive walls in striking colours, columns, and a multitude of corridors and rooms. Altogether a complete experience sure to kindle your fascination. This goes for the history of the museum, too, which is anything but ordinary.

Mads Rasmussen (1856-1916), a manufacturer of tinned goods in the small seaside town Faaborg, met a number of artists from Faaborg in the early 1900’s. After moving to Copenhagen, he stayed in touch with the group and their friends and in 1910 decided to establish a museum for their work.

The inner circle of the ‘Funen Painters’ includes Anna and Fritz Syberg, Alhed and Johannes Larsen, Peter Hansen and Jens Birkholm. The men were part of the Museum’s purchasing and curating committee and the acquisitions were financed by Rasmussen. It was very unusual to let a group of artists create a museum in this way. At first the collection was shown in Rasmussen’s private apartment in Faaborg. In 1915 a new building constructed specifically for the work of the group was inaugurated.

Special exhibitions are staged regularly highlighting older art, contemporary art, design, etc.

Faaborg Tourist Office/Visit Faaborg Museum
Torvet 19
DK- 5600 Faaborg
+45 72 53 18 18
Museum Director Anne Højer Petersen
Faaborg Museum
Grønnegade 75
DK- 5600 Faaborg
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