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Malwerk Oberhausen, Oberhausen

Artistic studio and producer gallery

A vivid place for connection of artists

As an artistic studio and producer gallery, Malwerk offers a wide range of services and products. The focus is on workshops, courses and artistic commissions as well as in-house productions in the fields of visual arts, literature and clowning. Self-produced works of art are offered for sale and for rent (“Artothek”); the studio rooms can be rented. In addition to the commercial artistic activity, we are active in the non-profit sector.
Our activities follow the maxims of general equal treatment, i.e. we are open to all people, regardless of “race”, ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity. At the same time, we want to bring the European idea to life.



  • Promoting respect for European culture
  • Promotion of the diversity of European culture
  • Visits to historic European artists’ colonies to learn about and report on their cultural heritage
  • Visits to artists in Europe to learn about their approaches to work, to collaborate with them and to create the basis for a lasting artistic collaboration

    -> Creating joint art exhibitions (e.g. with Artsgroup Stoupa, Greece)
    -> Performing clown shows (e.g. at the Spiritual Way Community Monastery, Shkodra/Albania)
    -> Organizing and carrying out joint art events (e.g. with the Centre d’Interpretation du Patrimoine in Marmoutier/France)


  • Promoting cohesion, inclusion and well-being in our societies.
  • Interpret the meanings of the Corona crisis for our societies in Europe.
  • Documenting solidarity with Covid-19 sufferers
  • Artistic exploration of the multiplicity of meanings of the mask
  • Encouragement to actively deal with Corona-related fears and traumas

    -> virtual exhibition, simultaneously on several websites from European countries
    -> participation of more than 40 artists from seven European countries

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Gerd Lepic
Uta Schnuppe-Strack

Malwerk Oberhausen
Gerd Lepic
Alpenblickstraße 14
82386 Oberhausen, Deutschland
Tel. +49 171 5 60 70 82
Uta Schnuppe-Strack