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CLAM International, Taranto

CLAM International, a welcoming art center in Italy

Center for culture, languages, art and music

In 2002, combining her academic training and her passion for art and music, Francesca Di Ponzio founded the C.L.A.M. International Association. Subsequently, in order to boost the Association’s activities, she opened an exhibition space for members, the Spazio CLAM, of which she has been curator since 2018.

C.L.A.M. International
The Association C.L.A.M. International – Culture, Languages, Art, Music – International was founded by a group of friends from various countries to develop an international attitude, mainly based on knowledge, tolerance and respect for individuals, languages, and cultural traditions. They welcome people from all over the world, help newcomers settle in Taranto and foster international fellowship. Anyone is welcome to join. The centre provides the following services:

  • Culture
    International multimedia library for consulting and lending
    Meetings to share ideas, talents and experiences regarding culture, business, technology, etc…
    Discussion groups to facilitate processes for adjusting to life in a new culture
    Exchanges, trips and study tours
  • Languages
    Translations and interpreting for professional and cultural purposes
    Language courses (Standard English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic)
    Conversation lessons and classes
    International theme parties
  • Art
    Shows and exhibitions
  • Music

Along the course of the two seas, Taranto, Southern Italy, hdr 2008, © Paolo Margari,
Taranto – Old Town Centre, April 2017, © Gerhard Huber

Association C.L.A.M. International Cultura, Lingue, Arte, Musica
Via Pisanelli, 9-11
74123 – Taranto

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