officially certified as


The President Pierre BEDOUELLE, the Vice-President and General Delegate Georges LUCENET, as well as the entire management team of the association Eau & Lumière are happy and proud to announce that Impressionisms Routes© is now officially certified as


Cultural Route of the Council of Europe


as agreed at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Enlarged Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe, which brings together the member states, which took place on April 19th, 2018 in Luxembourg.


This label embodies several years of hard work building an operational network linking a set of significant sites of Impressionist paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe. This network is today in full extension with the arrival of new members opening new routes and new perspectives.


Impressionisms Routes© is now recognized as a credible and worthwhile European project. It contains several thematic entries exploitable in the spirit of the values of the Council of Europe: the environment and its protection, the heritage and its safeguard, the history of the territories and its knowledge by the young people, the tourism and its judicious and sustainable development.


We would like to warmly thank the personalities, communities and organizations who believed in this project from the beginning, those who supported it intellectually and financially or who participate in the bodies dedicated to the efficient operation of the network: Board of Directors, Scientific Council.


We would also like to thank our partner euroArt, the European Federation of Artists’ Colonies - representing 44 artists' colonies in 14 European countries - with whom this close collaboration has led to this success.


We are perfectly aware of the responsibilities incumbent upon us and the work that remains to be done to continue and develop this original and rich network of potentialities; we remain open to new memberships and partnerships in the framework of Impressionisms Routes©, now the 32nd Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.


Neuilly-sur-Seine, May 26th, 2018