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10 Painters of the Veluwezoom – and their regions

Museum Veluwezoom
Oosterbeek, NL
3.2. - 1.9.2024

10 Painters of the Veluwezoom – and their regions / 10 Schilders van de Veluwezoom – en hun streken

This year provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the nature of the Veluwezoom, as observed by painters roughly from 1840 to 1950.

The natural beauty of the Veluwezoom had already captivated painters from earlier times. Painters from later generations preferred working in the great outdoors, equipped with portable painting supplies. Often, the works showcase the exact locations where the painters sat in the landscape. The exhibition presents a wide variety of nature, including rivers, forests, and cultivated landscapes.

Ten groups of paintings are now displayed side by side on the ancient walls of Doorwerth Castle, in the so-called ‘cabinet arrangement.’ This allows for easy comparison of the painting styles of the selected artists. The ten painters were chosen based on their local popularity at the time.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to admire the paintings as a reflection of the South Veluwe nature.

photo: Cabinet Display in Museum Hall