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NO TITLE. GER DE GREEF (1954-2012)

Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum
Domburg, NL
24.3. - 26.5.2024

NO TITLE. GER DE GREEF (1954-2012)

Most of Ger de Greef’s works don’t have a title. This Brabant artist was not concerned with the subject. The path from image to imagination – from perception to representation – resulting in a drawing, watercolour or painting was a form of being for him. ‘Art and life intertwine’, he wrote in 1983.

The basis could be a landscape but also a photo or a picture in a book. De Greef grew up in the polders between West Brabant and Zeeland. His love for flat landscapes originated there. From the 1990s onwards he often worked on the Zeeland coast, especially in Domburg.

He could often be found in our museum. A selection of his oil paintings, watercolours, pencil drawings and photographs can now be seen there from March 24 to May 26, 2024. Sober, hushed, and melancholic impressions, with a Zeeland base.

Ger de Greef was born in Steenbergen on September 22, 1954; he died in Roosendaal on May 10, 2012. After the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg (1975-1980), he trained at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp (1981-1982). He worked as a drawing and painting teacher at the School for Expression in Roosendaal and as a multi-media design teacher at the ROC Zoomvliet College, also in Roosendaal.

As an art educator, he tried to teach as many people as possible the art of attentive looking and the love of painting.

Images: All by Ger de Greef, no title, not dated, oil on canvas, the Dog is oil + pencil on canvas