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Theo von Brockhusen Landscape visions

Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie
Ferch, GER
6.4 - 16.6.2024

Theo von Brockhusen Landscape visions

An exhibition in co-operation with the Schwaan Art Museum

Twenty-five years after the major retrospective at the Museum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg and the Ephraim-Palais of the Stadtmuseum Berlin (“Theo von Brockhusen. A painter between Impressionism and Expressionism”) and ten years after the exhibition at the Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie (“Theo von Brockhusen. Pictures from the artist’s estate”), it seems high time to once again honour the memory of this artist, who died at a young age. Closely linked to the history of modern art in Berlin, Brockhusen is nevertheless barely present in the public’s consciousness and is therefore still worth discovering.

The exhibition traces Brockhusen’s life and art in exemplary fashion. Above all, however, it emphasises his importance as an innovator of landscape painting in the Mark Brandenburg region, with his influence extending far beyond regional references. He bridged the gap between the vivid impression of the eye and the expressive condensation of what he saw, creating landscape visions of a very special kind.

In addition to exhibits from the collection of the Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie, loans from several private collections will be shown, including paintings that have never been exhibited in public before.

This exhibition, conceived for the Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie, is being shown in co-operation with the Kunstmuseum Schwaan. The exhibition will be presented there in a slightly modified form from 29 June to September 2024.

The 88-page catalogue (EUR 20.00), published by the Förderverein Havelländische Malerkolonie e.V., contains essays by Gerhard Leistner and Annette Winter-Süß as well as an illustrated biography and images of all the exhibits.