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On the picturesque waters near Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Artists as the first tourists

Today, Volendam is a big tourist destination in the Netherlands, situated next to the water and close to Amsterdam. Its traditional fishermen’s town status, full of folklore and historical Dutch costumes, earned it its tourists. But Volendam wasn’t as popular in the late 19th century at all. Townsman Leendert Spaander and his wife Aaltje were in fact the first people to invite ‘tourists’ to their village: the artists. These artists were looking for traditional scenes to paint, and find those in Volendam they did!

As Leendert made friends with the artists, he understood they desired a place to work, sleep and connect with each other. That’s why he offered them his house. When the house became too small for the number of artists, Leendert bought a small pub on the embankment of Volendam and turned it into a hotel. Soon, artists from all over the world came to this hotel, all bringing their own techniques, specialties and practices with them. It was a great artistic meetup space, full of idea exchanges that can be seen on the many paintings still hanging in the hotel today.

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Marie ten Kate (*1831 – 1910)
Evert Pieters (*1856 – 1932)
Charles W. Bartlett (*1860 – 1940)
Paul Signac (*1863 – 1935)
Augustine Hannicotte (*1870 – 1957)
Jan Willem Sluiter (*1873 – 1949)
John Quincy Adams (*1874 – 1933)
Maurice Sijs (*1880 – 1972)
Otto Pieper (*1881 – 1968)
Georg Hering (*1884 – 1936)
Wilm Wouters (*1887 – 1957)
Anthonie Pieter Schotel (*1890 – 1958)

Zeestraat 37
1131 ZD Volendam
+31 (0)299-36 37 47

Alderman for Culture
Vincent Tuijp
Postbus 180
1130 AD Volendam
Hotel Spaander
Haven 15-19
1131 EP Volendam

Even though hotel Spaander is a working hotel, given the art collection and the monumental building, it can almost also be considered a “museum”. It is the place where Volendam manifests as an artists colony. From the end of the 19th century, large numbers of artists from the Netherlands and abroad flocked to the hotel situated by the “Zuiderzee”. The guestbooks show a wide variety of (often famous) names among them Auguste Renoir, Paul Signac, Maurice Ravel, Breitner, Edward Grieg Shutter and Saucer. Many artists paid their stay with paintings.

The extensive collection consists of about 1200 pieces of art, mostly paintings, supplemented by drawings, images, photos and graphics which in the course of more than one hundred years has been collected. The collection still adorns a big part of the hotel

We find works by Harrie Kuyten, Wilm Wouters, Piet van der Hem, Willy Sluiter, Nicolaas van der Waay, Paul Rieth, Augustin Hanicotte, C.W. Bartlett, Jack Walker, A.C. Drinkwater, Georg Hering, Otto Piltz, John Quincy Adams, Otto Pieper and many others
Volendams Museum
Zeestraat 41
1131 ZD Volendam
Opening hours: March 10th till November 11th, daily 10:00 – 17.00 hr.

The museum offers an unique and comprehensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery and art from the period 1800 to the present.

The museum has work from painters Henricus Role, early work from H. Reyntjes (1860), Henry Harvard (1873) and early Americans as Edwin Austin Abbey (1880) and Henrietta Wachman (1885) of the woman’s art club and others. Some other famous names from the international artists´ colony are French Charlet, Hans von Bartels, Henri Cassiers, Phil May, Edward Penfield, Nico Jungman, Augustin Hanicotte, Georg Hering, Anthonie Saucer, William Tholen, Wilm Wouters, Willy Sluiter, Pieter van de Hem and Jo Spier.
There are sculptures including work from Albert Termote, Arend Ode and Tjipke Visser and art photography of Jacob Oly, Bernard Eilers, August Vogt, Johan Siewers & Zn. etc.
Each season the museum organizes an extra exhibition which exposes a particular theme of the Volendam history, culture and folklore. This year the exhibition is themed to Fishery and Volendams costume
Edams Museum
Damplein 8 and
Damplein 1
1135 BK Edam

Opening hours:
Winterseason: (October 29th - March 31th) Saturday / Sunday: 11.00 - 16.30hr (only Steenen Coopmanshuys Damplein 8 / the dependance Oude Stadthuis Damplein 1 is closed)
Summerseaon (April 1st - October 28th) Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 16-30 hr. Sunday and on hiolidays 11.00 - 16.30hr (both houses are open to public during the summerseason)
The Edams museum offers a collection of 64 paintings on panel or canvas, a graphic and photo collection, and Edam pottery. Among the paintings are some special, rare works. Masterpieces are three life size paintings of prominent Edam figures “the man with the beard”, “the fat innkeeper" and “big girl”. There is an extraordinary painting by Jan Molenaar (1682) in which the Edam shipbuilder Jacob Mathijsz Oosterling is portrayed proudly standing next to the 92 ships built by him and his family.
Coordinator Arts & Culture
Eva van Niel
Postbus 180
1130 AD Volendam