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Around the heathers of the North Veluwe, The Netherlands

Loose brush strokes in the open air

At the end of the 19th century, a colony of artists arose in the northern Veluwe, increasing the popularity of the area as a tourist destination. The beauty of the Veluwe’s heather, sand drifts and lush coniferous forests became an attractive alternative for city life. Artists settled in and around Nunspeet and Elspeet for longer periods of time, inspired by Impressionism and the open Veluwe air.

The Impressionists here paid their attention to soft colours and light and painted outdoors. Between 1885 and 1950, over 100 fine artists worked in the artists’ colony in Nunspeet! As the demand for these Impressionist paintings was huge, artists kept coming. In 2014, Nunspeet Artists’ Village opened its own art museum: the Noord-Veluws Museum. This museum provides a platform for artists who came to the northern part of the Veluwe to live and work and who have largely been neglected – until now. These stunning paintings are worth a visit.

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Arthur Briët (*1867 – 1939)
Jan van Vuuren (*1871 – 1941)
Ben Viegers (*1886 – 1947)
Jos Lussenburg (*1889 – 1975)
Chris ten Bruggen Kate (*1920 – 2003)

Dorpsstraat 23
8071 BW Nunspeet
+31 341 274 747
Noord-Veluws Museum
Winckelweg 17a
8071 DN Nunspeet
+31 341 250 560
Bezoekerscentrum Nunspeet- Veluwe
Plesmanlaan 2
8072 PT Nunspeet
+31 341 217011
Alderman for Culture
Mark van de Bunte
Markt 1
8071 GJ Nunspeet
+31 341 259344