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On the banks of the Kiel Fjord, Germany


Studios destroyed by bombin

On the 17 km narrow fjord on the border of Denmark, close to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, the small town of Heikendorf lies. In 1923, painter Heinrich Blunck and his wife bought a beautiful house with a spacious garden there, perfect to set up an atelier in. Gradually, other artists came along and followed Blunck. Setting up studios around the village, this group settled to work on their art. Unfortunately, most of the studios in Heikendorf were later destroyed by the bombing during World War II. 

Today, the works of this colony form the base of Heikendorf Artists’ Museum. This museum is known for all of its special art exhibitions throughout the seasons, on top of the stunning permanent collection.

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Georg Burmester (1864–1936)
Werner Lange (1888–1955)
Heinrich Blunck (1891–1963)
Rudolf Behrend (1895–1979)
Oscar Droege (1898–1983)
Jeane Flieser (1912–2007)
Karin Hertz (1921–2017)

Künstlermuseum Heikendorf-Kieler Förde
Teichtor 9, 24226 Heikendorf
Tel. +49 (0)431 24 80 93
Tade Peetz
Gemeinde Heikendorf
Dorfplatz 2
24226 Heikendorf
+ 49 (0)431 2409-0
Tourist-Information Heikendorf