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A small island in the Baltic Sea, Germany

Popular late bloomers

The artist’s colony of Usedom was founded a bit later than many of the colonies of the time, but was no less popular. Nearly 30 years the painters at Usedom worked together, developing a unique style of painting focused on the belief in nature and human dignity. The first artists settled on the island and created work around the island landscape. Later, their artistic fundamental attitude was referred to as the Usedom Art School.

Of course, unfortunately, the development of these artists halted around the Second World War. Big parts of previous work got lost in the nights of bombing, and art developments after the war weren’t much appreciated to start from. Some didn’t like realism, others didn’t enjoy the abstract. Usedom still presents a great cultural heritage. Visit museum studio Otto Niemeyer-Holstein, which combines the historically grown ensemble of residence, studio and garden of the artist Niemeyer-Holstein with the new gallery, which was opened in 2001. The collection of contemporary art includes a view into the context of Niemeyer-Holstein’s artistic work with his friends and young artists.

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Otto Niemeyer-Holstein (1896-1984)
Karen Schacht (1900-1987)
Otto Manigk (1902-1972)
Herbert Wegehaupt (1905-1959)
Vera Kopetz (1910-1998)
Susanne Kandt-Horn (1914-1996)
Manfred Kandt (1922-1992)
Rosa Kühn (geb.1928)
Oskar Manigk (geb.1934)
Matthias Wegehaupt (geb.1938)
Sabine Curio (geb.1950)

Kurverwaltung Koserow
Hauptstraße 31
17459 Koserow
+49 (0) 3837 5204 15
Rene König
Bürgeramt Koserow
Maria-Seidel Straße 3
17459 Koserow
+49 (0) 38375 2640
Museum Atelier Otto Niemeyer Holstein
17459 Koserow
+49 (0) 38375 20213
Usedomer Kunstverein e.V.
Promenade am Rosengarten
17424 Ostseebad Heringsdorf
+49 (0) 38378 22877
Museen der Stadt Wolgast
Rathausplatz 6
17438 Wolgast
+49 (0) 3836 203041