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Around two rivers in the north, Germany

Artistic heritage and rural charm

The small Mecklenburg town of Schwaan is nestled between the rivers Warnow and Beke, surrounded by rolling hills and vast fields. Important painters succumbed to its natural charm, resulting in one of Mecklenburg’s first artists’ colonies being established in Schwaan around 1880/85. Light-flooded forests, romantic evening moods, fascinating cloud and sky formations: The museum displays 600 square metres of expressive landscape painting from the Schwaan artists’ colony in the 19th and 20th centuries. Changing exhibitions establish connections to other artists’ colonies. Art shows with contemporary works are organised annually. Discover picturesque Schwaan with its historic town centre and the artists’ colony, which is known far beyond the borders of the country. Cosy cafés and restaurants invite you to enjoy regional cuisine. Stroll through the small shops that harbour great treasures and offer local products. Experience Schwaan on land or on the water, a climbing park offers activity and fun for the whole family. Or just stay, because Schwaan offers more!

The main artists who lived and worked here:

Theodor Hagen (*1842 – 1919)
Paul Riess (*1857 – 1933)
Franz Bunke (*1857 – 1939)
Richard Starcke (*1864 – 1945)
Rudolf Bartels (*1872 – 1943)
Alfred Heinsohn (*1875 – 1927)
Peter Paul Draewing (*1876 – 1940)
Otto Tornogrocki (*1885 – 1946)
Erich Venzmer (*1893 – 1978)
Wilhelm Facklam (*1893 – 1972)
Rudolf Bechstein (*1897 – 1961)

in der Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstr. 12
18258 Schwaan
+49 (0) 3844-891792
Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12
D-18258 Schwaan
+49 3844 891792
Mathias Schauer
Pferdemarkt 2
D-18258 Schwaan
+49 3844 84110