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‟Visitors to Hiddensee – in addition to beautiful and most beautiful ladies – have included poetesses, poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, actors and other artists without number. Men with the most renowned names in every area of learning and culture.“ Thus was the recollection of Gerhart Hauptmann, poet, dramatist, Nobel prize laureate and one of the most loyal visitors to the island. Around 1900, the charm of Hiddensee, a small island in the Baltic Sea, became ever better known. In the original simplicity of the island, in the genuine appeal of its nature, in its seemingly infinite vistas, creative artists of every sort discovered the object of their quest for new ideals. Oskar Kruse came and built his Lietzenburg, intended to become the centre of a colony of artists. This plan did not work out, but many colleagues heard his call. Among them were the painters Henni Lehmann, Julie Wolfthorn, Käthe Löwenthal, Elisabeth Büchsel, Clara Arnheim, Elisabeth Andrae and Dorothea Stroschein. In 1919 these, together with other women painters, founded the Hiddensoer Künstlerinnenbund (Union of Hiddensee Lady Artists), a sodality which, as compared with similar, city-based associations, would remain the only one of its kind.

Together with Ahrenshoop and Schwaan, Hiddensee in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern counts as one of the North German artists‘ colonies. The island is small enough to give a feeling of intimacy, while being sufficiently spacious to provide an ideal place to stimulate the creativity of all artists. Still today, the place is free of hectic cacophony; the horse’s quiet and regular footfall is what determines the pace of life. With its more than hundred-year history as an island of artists, Hiddensee has become a veritable part of German culture, in the history of German art a microcosm which is still alive and thriving. The cultural offerings are many: exhibitions in the local Heimatmuseum and in the Asta Nielsen House, recitals on the Schuke organ in the island’s church, puppet-plays in the Seebühne (Theatre-by-the-sea), concerts and readings in the Gerhart Hauptmann House, in the Groot Partie and in the Henni Lehmann House – the list could be considerably extended.


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