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Enclosed by two waters, connecting two land strips, formed by contrasts, a sea resort and an artists’ village – this is Ahrenshoop. No matter what season, Ahrenshoop will always invite you to encounter art. It might be paintings or sculptures, literature or film, music or theatre what you are looking for – Ahrenshoop’s galleries, art houses and studios, but also its hotels and bed and breakfast places make offers on the highest level.

Ahrenshoop’s transformation from a fishing village to a popular artists’ village and sea resort started in autumn 1889 when the painters Paul Mueller-Kaempff and Oskar Frenzel discovered it by chance. Enthused by the surrounding landscape, the special light and the peaceful atmosphere of the village, Mueller-Kaempff and several of his artists’s friends settled here shortly afterwards. Their studios and houses are witnesses of that time.

The Artists' Colony

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Kurdirektor Kai Lüdeke
Kirchnersgang 2
D-18347 Ostseebad Ahrenshoop
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Benjamin Heinke
Kirchnersgang 2
D-18347 Ostseebad Ahrenshoop
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